In an editorial Oct. 23, The Post failed to disclose a full picture on the qualifications of Donald R. Buckner, candidate for Montgomery County School Board, District 5. An issue as important as the education of Montgomery County's children deserves a more responsible approach to endorsements. The Post reduced Mr. Buckner's valuable contributions to education to 12 words.

Mr. Buckner's qualifications are far more numerous than 25 years' experience as a teacher and principal. The Post failed to mention his background in developing, writing and editing curriculum materials and standardized tests such as the Standford Binet Intelligence Test and the Metropolitan Achievement Test.

In addition, Mr. Buckner is not a stranger to the school board because of his past involvement as a member of many board committees and as a consultant to Montgomery County schools. He was instrumental in revising the county's social studies curriculum, he reviewed the sex education course of study, and he wrote a report on minority testing. He also served on the guidance committee of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs while active in his local PTA. Currently, Mr. Buckner is a consultant to Montgomery College.

Mr. Buckner not only originated the idea of involving the private sector in education but has gone one step further by having preliminary dialogues with many of the county's business leaders regarding their involvement in education. In addition, he believes in cultivating an enthusiasm in students for learning science and math and wants to provide the support that school counselors need to address the many difficult social issues students are facing in today's world.


Silver Spring