IN ADDITION to elections of a U.S. senator and members of the House of Representatives, Virginia voters have many questions coming at them on their ballots Tuesday. In some areas, they also will choose local officeholders. In addition to the four state constitutional questions that we outlined the other day -- all of which deserve approval -- local leaders in Northern Virginia have proposed some bond issues that are important to prudent financing of projects deemed necessary for constituent services. In Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, elected officials have agreed on projects and on a time-honored method for financing them. In all cases, the proposals constitute sound packages that deserve support.

In Arlington there is also an election for one member of the county board in what has been a good, lively contest between Democratic incumbent Mary Margaret Whipple and A. M. "Monte" Davis, an independent who has won attention with sharp criticism of what she describes as "one-party, closed-door government, with incumbents losing touch." She has built on an earlier run for the board with some thoughtful proposals on housing and education. But this time she is challenging one of the strongest members of the board. Mrs. Whipple's regional experience with the council of governments and the Metro board has made her an even more valuable local official, deserving of another term.

In Fairfax County, Democrat Richard Singleton is a good choice to replace Republican Carl R. Peed as sheriff. Mr. Singleton is a retired Army colonel with more than 30 years' experience, who has proposed some enlightened as well as affordable changes in the local correctionalsystem.