Alan Kriegsman's review of the Wash- ington Ballet Company's Oct. 19 performance at the Kennedy Center was really off-base {Style, Oct. 20}.

Though Kriegsman seemed to find both "Donizetti Variations" and "Holberg Suite" welcome additions to the Washington Ballet's repertoire, he did not care for most any aspect of "Carmina Burana."

He said the production included dancers who danced well and singers -- a full complement from the Paul Hill Chorale accompanied by a full orchestra -- who sang well. He called it "an ambitious production." Then he contradicted himself by calling the evening's program "light weight." The audience, which gave the company a standing ovation, seemed to disagree.

In his review, Kriegsman also lectured readers about the importance of dancers projecting "into the furthest reaches of the house." He went on at considerable length to say that most Washington Ballet dancers do not do this, which keeps the company from being truly world class -- "provincial," was the word he used.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment either.

The Washington Ballet has made nine international tours, all to enthusiastic critical and popular acclaim. It is highly unlikely that it would have received these invitations or its most recent invitation to perform in Moscow and Leningrad if its artistry were not first class.

Kriegsman always seems to be much harder on the "home team" than on visiting companies.

While I don't expect him to be easier on the Washington Ballet because it is local, I expect him to be fair.

Sondra Hartley