I was very disappointed to have read The Post's endorsement to reelect Frank Wolf to Congress, particularly because Mr. Wolf does not represent the views The Post praised in the other candidates it endorsed, James Moran and David M. Smith. Furthermore, Mr. Wolf's voting record shows that he is not the caring Republican The Post lauded him to be.

While The Post praises Mr. Moran's and Mr. Smith's pro-choice stand, it ignores Mr. Wolf's consistent support to end or curtail abortion rights; in this area, he is not much different from Stan Parris.

Mr. Wolf has not taken a leadership role in the savings and loan crisis, even though Union Savings Bank, which has offices in his district, had to be taken over by the government. He has been too timid to voice even a small criticism about President Bush's appalling (and confusing) conduct during the Gulf and budget crises. One would hope to hear more from a congressman with high numbers of furloughed federal workers in the district he serves, but no, Mr. Wolf won't say anything that might hint at an independent streak.

MacKenzie Canter, on the other hand, is proudly pro-choice, favors cost-effective and practical federal support for transportation and has some sound opinions on banking regulations and fair taxation. In fact, he's a lot like Mr. Moran and Mr. Smith. But by lumping Mr. Wolf with the two candidates it has endorsed, The Post is speaking from both sides of its mouth.