As Mount Vernon area coordinator for Citizens for Sensible Taxation, I know that there are two issues on the ballot this Tuesday that are of great importance to Virginia voters. They have not gotten much coverage, and many people might be casting their votes without knowing exactly what they are voting on.

The issues are the amendments to the Virginia constitution. Amendments 1 and 2 are not too important one way or the other to the taxpayers, but amendments 3 and 4 ask us to give up our right to vote on bond issues. The way the law is now, the county and state must first ask our permission before they can put the taxpayers into debt by selling bonds. If amendments 3 and 4 were to pass, the politicians could sell bonds for transportation funding without voter approval.

In order to pay off this increased debt, we can look forward to higher taxes in the future. It is our money they are spending; it is only fair that they ask for our permission before they spend it.

A 'No' vote on amendments 3 and 4 will allow us to retain our right to vote on these important bond issues. If you think taxes are high now, just wait and see what happens if the politicians get the right to spend our money without our approval.

JAMES B. DUPONT Alexandria