The public may have a prurient interest in media bashing, but The Post has taken the practice to a new low.

The Oct. 26 Style article "Bad News at WJLA" was damaging to a station that has worked hard to become a community and industry leader. The story focused on our economic problems, when in fact all broadcasters and media companies are trimming costs. Our budget costs and layoffs were handled openly and with solid business rationale. These difficult decisions were made in a collaborative spirit of building a better and more successful operation for the '90s.

The article also sensationalized misconceptions and half-truths through inaccurate information and innuendo. I want to set the record straight on two blatant examples:

The facts belie the "No. 3 Station" headline. WJLA was No. 1 in the July ratings and just finished one share point behind the leader in the October Nielsen survey.

The implication that our layoffs this summer targeted blacks and Jews was first heard from The Post reporter. This unconscionable slander was included in the article, despite strong protest and a presentation of our excellent equal employment record.

Across our nation, corporations are merging, companies are down-sizing and bankruptcies are being declared. Unfortunately, this environment takes a human toll. We can understand certain statements from individuals who have left our station. However, we can't understand why a paper as prestigious as The Post would fuel only negative perceptions of our station. Perhaps competing media companies are natural adversaries. For example, our former news director, Bob Reichblum, now works at a Post-Newsweek station, a fact not mentioned in the Style article.

Our desire is to maintain a commitment to excellence in our news, programming and sales efforts. We will continue to serve our viewers, clients and community with professional dedication. In the final analysis, they will judge our value as a television station and our contributions to the community. MICHAEL MOORE President and General Manager WJLA-TV Washington