Homeowners everywhere should read the Nov. 10 ''The Nation's Housing'' column {"Agents Tell Sellers to Up the Ante," Real Estate}. State real estate commissioners should be required to read it.

I would categorize the agents and agencies named in the column as leeches and consider them in the same class as the big oil companies and all the other greed and gouge businesses that take advantage of people when times get tough.

The arrogant attitude depicted is the reason that a lot of folks think real estate agents and agencies are untrustworthy. The article indicates that there are real estate agents and agencies that have plenty of buyers, but that sellers will not see many of those buyers unless they "sweeten the commission pot'' or add dollar incentives to the deal.

If this is a factual account, then the state real estate commissioners should nip this unethical practice in the bud. Home sellers should not have a gun to their heads to help some agent win a $50,000 prize or a free trip to Bermuda. If an agency wishes to use this type of sales incentive, it should foot this type of bonus with company funds.

We are all in this recessive soft market together, and short-term, me-first agents and agencies should be taught a long-term lesson. Bar them from the business for the duration of the recession. RICK REIGHARD White Plains, Md.