In her letter "Tragedy On Temple Mount" {Nov. 15}, Marsha Weinberg discussed those she felt had victimized Ibrahim Khadik but omitted the Israeli government and its police from her list.

Her rationale that the killings, maimings, beatings and imprisonments without trial of the Palestinians, as well as destruction of their homes, was somehow the Palestinians' fault was nonsense.

The Palestinians have had their country displaced by Israel, which now seeks to displace them from their remaining lands in the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem. Who can seriously blame them for resisting the occupiers with, if necessary, their last breath?

The answer to all this would be for Israel to get out of the occupied territories. The Palestinians will never peacefully submit to their presence; no people seeking the fundamental right to self-determination would. Israel's denial of that right is the real cause of the death of young Ibrahim Khadik.

In just a few years Israel's injustices against the Palestinians have transformed it from a respected idealistic nation to one condemned throughout the world. Those persons who condone and seek to justify Israel's unjust and brutal repression of the Palestinians, rather than using their influence to require Israel to abide by humane standards of behavior, are not helping the situation.


I was struck by Marcia Weinberg's repeated use of the word "victimized" in reference to young Ibrahim Ali Farhat Khadik. That word brought to mind a common occurrence when describing a violent deed, namely to blame the victim for the circumstances contributing to his or her suffering.

This was made particularly poignant by Weinberg's statement, "they will be compelled to live without the fullest dignity that should be their inheritance from prior generations."

The "fullest dignity" for which young Khadik and so many like him are striving will come only when they are given their true inheritance from prior generations -- a homeland of their own. To say that this young many's death was caused by the militancy of his compatriots is overlooking the key piece of this Middle East conundrum, that is, that oppression and occupation can bring nothing but violence. WILIFRED ALLEN-FAIELLA Acting Executive Director Episcopalians Concerned for Israel and Palestine Alexandria