Isn't it enough to subject readers to Jonathan Yardley's white male paranoia every week without adding a Yardley clone on Sundays? I refer to "Literature: R.I.P." by Alvin Kernan {Outlook, Nov. 18}. When are men like Messrs. Yardley and Kernan going to drop their defensive posturing and stop blaming women and minorities for the decline of Western culture? When are they going to acknowledge that the white male canon of great literature is just that: white and male. That doesn't necessarily mean the canon is worthless, but it does suggest that the criteria for selecting "classics" was devised by and favors white males.

It may come as a shock to Messrs. Yardley and Kernan, but the white male experience is not universally interesting. I would also like to suggest that before Prof. Kernan decries Andrea Dworkin's "violent attacks on men," he should consider the history of literary misogyny beginning with Aeschylus. Woman-hating has never kept a book from being included in the canon.

Finally, when is The Post going to represent the other side of the issue? I have been reading The Post for three years, and I have yet to see a full discussion of curriculum transformation. Plenty of qualified women and minorities can present a cogent argument for curriculum transformation. CATHERINE SCHULER Professor of Theater History University of Maryland College Park

It is ironic -- and revealing -- that the professor whose new book is titled "The Death of Literature" would end his scathing Outlook piece "Literature: R.I.P." with this sentence: "But if literature is to survive in some diminished form, positive ways to speak of it must be found again." JIM LILLIEFORS Ocean City