Leonard Shapiro's article "On Wisconsin, the Band With Lots of Brass" {Nov. 24} sounded several sour notes. First, an article about a band that functions at sporting events belongs in Sports, not Style. Time was when Sports carried features stories. Now, it details the latest alcohol- or drug-abuse problems of athletes and coaches, the latest squabbles about salaries as well as some information on the games. Your paper takes away from the Sports pages what makes college ball much more of a spectacle than even the Redskins.

Shapiro's list of exceptional college bands also was way too short. He omitted (my alma mater) the University of Michigan marching band, which even ABC proclaimed the country's best college band; the Purdue band; and the University of Southern California band. He further failed to note that competition between bands is often as intense to their members as the athletic games are to their teams.

Finally, if my recollection is correct, Shapiro is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin -- a fact his article didn't mention. Your paper allowed Shapiro to toot his own university's horn while disregarding other, finer bands -- a blatant injustice to other schools and their kids. -- Charles D. Goldman