Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger's comments in Thomas Boswell's Nov. 25 column {Sports} surprised me. Wanting to take the high road, Mr. Geiger still managed to say, "It makes our faculty happy to hear that Virginia has a star player who couldn't get into Maryland."

I doubt that. Maryland's faculty has better things to do, or it isn't on any road at all, much less a high one. Mr. Geiger insulted his school's faculty. He is also the first athletic director in the ACC to publicly run down another school's policies.

For what it is worth, Virginia graduates a higher percentage of it students than does North Carolina, a school mentioned favorably by Mr. Geiger. Its graduation rate for black students during the past three years is 78 percent, the highest in the country. Since 1984, Virginia has received the college football's academic achievement award twice for the highest graduation rate of its football players, and it has received honorable mention every other year. Only Notre Dame shares that record. Duke does nearly as well.

Virginia does accept some students on a gamble because it wants to broaden its base. Only some of them are athletes. Most of them graduate, because the admissions people know how to gamble.

Joe Krivak performs a class act as Maryland's football coach, and he deserves an athletic director with a tighter lip. And the University of Virginia deserves a public apology from Mr. Geiger. RICHARD R BAKER III Kitty Hawk, N.C.