It's not surprising that Joshua M. Horwitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence found the implementation of the Maryland Saturday night special law (House Bill No. 1131) disappointing. But the bill and the board were not, as he wrote, supposed to be a "force for gun control." The bill focused specifically on Saturday night specials.

It's not the board's fault that not many Saturday night specials as defined by the bill are being marketed. The market for inaccurate, unreliable and unsafe guns is just not there.

The sad fact is that well-meaning people voted for a law that was never going to do what they hoped it would do, and no amount of carping about the board's lack of sophisticated tests on the guns that come before it will change the fact most handgun-related crimes are not committed with guns of the kind prohibited by the bill.

I hope, if I am ever confronted by a gunman, that he is armed with a gun that is prohibited under the law being discussed. It could blow up, fail to fire, or miss the target completely, all of which could work in my favor.

Horwitz has made a good case for repealing the law because it is ineffective.

-- Robert S. Hoff