I am a professional police officer and a certified police firearms instructor. I have to handle and teach about a variety of firearms on a regular basis, from the standard revolver to semiautomatic pistols, to military rifle look-alikes (they are not "assault weapons"). I am vitally interested in what keeps me and my fellow officers alive.

Joshua Horwitz disparaged the Charter Arms Off Duty model .38 Special. It is, however, a revolver of sound quality, not up to the standards of a Colt or Smith & Wesson, but it was never intended to be. It is, and has been, one of the more popular off-duty sidearms for police for a long time. It is a reasonably priced, good-quality revolver for those on limited budget -- like police officers.

Nowhere does Horwitz mention reduction of crime as a purpose of the Maryland Handgun Roster Board. He instead seems to be only interested in the blind banning of firearms owned by private, law-abiding citizens.

Horowitz stated that the will of the majority has been undermined by the law, although he apparently supported the law in 1988. But his complaints are exactly the same as those made at the time by the Maryland Committee Against The Gun Ban. Official corruption within the state government and its agencies kept the voters from hearing these truths Horwitz now publicizes (documented and verified in the book "Firearms Folly in Maryland").

Those who equate gun-control with crime-control have consistently been proven wrong on the streets, which is where I work. Convicted felons have consistently stated that they are more afraid of an armed citizen than the police. Think about it.

-- Bruce Blum