In spite of repeated Jordanian statements that there was never a conspiracy aimed at Saudi Arabia, Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta devoted two consecutive columns to this subject {Dec. 4 and Dec. 5} in a clear attempt to market this fictitious and malicious story. Their inferences and deductions are based on pure conjecture.

The "plot" theory, allegedly involving Iraq, Jordan and Yemen, is nothing more than a fabrication. It was invented by the minds of certain destructive and self-serving elements who stand to gain financial and material profit and widen the political divide within the Arab world by planting mistrust and suspicions between Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states on the one hand and those who are purportedly involved in this alleged conspiracy on the other.

The writers were generous to admit that even "the CIA does not know whether or not to believe the plot." The reason for this is simple and clear. It is because such a plot never existed in the first place. However, the implications of inventing this lie are too serious and dangerous to be left to misleading guesswork.

Furthermore, the writers claim that Jordan and King Hussein fueled Saudi suspicions. Then they try to substantiate their conclusion by irrelevant and purely conjectural reasoning. For example, King Hussein asked to be called Sharif Hussein not because of a plot but because it is his title, as a descendant of the prophet Mohammad, before that of being the king of Jordan. Descendants of the prophet are known by Al-Aharif or Al-Sayyid. The king's request was motivated by purely personal and not political considerations.

Further, King Hussein did not only "claim" that he "knew nothing about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait until King Fahd called at 6 a.m. on Aug. 2." His majesty was categorical in denying any prior knowledge about the invasion. The suggestion that he knew about it before hand came from the same quarters that have invented the plot theory.

Messrs. Anderson and Van Atta also state that "in the past Jordan has supplied intelligence to Iraq." But Jordan also exchanged intelligence information with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, because Jordan has always viewed those countries' security as part of Jordan's security.

Jordan and King Hussein, who in the past as now have been targets of conspiracies, can only find solace in the knowledge that once the dust of the Gulf crisis settles down, the Saudis and others will realize that in fact the real conspiracy lies in the fabrication of the plot theory.

FOUAD AYOUB Press Secretary to King Hussein Amman, Jordan