I read the article, "N. Va. Diocese Joins Sex Education Opposition" {Metro, Dec. 11} with alarm, for it came on the heels of an article published in the Old Dominion Sierran, published by the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club. This article, titled "The Population 'Bomb' Is About to Explode," should be read by everyone, especially those who oppose sex education, including birth control.

It points out a few frightening facts. One is that the world population (currently at 5.3 billion) has doubled since 1940. It also goes on to say that if "fertility rates remain at today's level, there will be 27 billion people in a century, with no stabilization in sight."

The population of the United States would be more than 300 million. The largest growth rates would, of course, be in the developing countries. What I would like people such as those who oppose sex education in our schools to tell the world is how, if we can barely feed the world today, are we going to feed the world in the next century?

We see famine today throughout the world, especially in those countries where the population is growing fastest. Famines of the future become unthinkable. Where will these people live? Where will these masses work? How will they earn the money they will need to live? What of the already strained resources of our planet? What of the increased pollution? What of the quality of life? It is when you think of questions like these that the future becomes frightening.

Every effort must be made by all governments, religions, scientists and responsible people throughout the world to address the population problem before it is too late. Programs like sex education in our schools must be actively encouraged. Those who oppose such programs should begin to live in the real world.