Kyle Farmbry's article {"Incident at GW," op-ed, Dec. 12} touched an issue I consider to be important. As someone who has experienced discrimination on both religious and ethnic grounds (I was a Christian in Iran during the Islamic revolution and its aftermath, and I was an Iranian in the West during the height of the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis), I empathize with Mr. Farmbry. I strongly believe that racism is wrong and that it must be exposed, opposed and denounced at every opportunity.

This is why I find Mr. Farmbry's parting comments so disturbing. He said that he "will surely grow to distrust the majority" of whites, because he believes that, as a result of the George Washington University incident, many whites will be hostile toward him. Distrusting racists -- even hating them -- is not wrong. Distrusting whites, simply because they are white, is -- just as it is equally racist to despise a man because he happens to be black.

I sincerely hope that if Mr. Farmbry and I ever meet, he, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., would judge me not by the color of my skin (which happens to be white), but by the content of my character. Otherwise, he would be guilty of practicing the very racism he has so eloquently and rightly condemned. NICKY BILLOU Washington