The news story "Freeing Aid to Disabled Youngsters" {Nov. 17} notes that billions of dollars in cash welfare payments and Medicare benefits will go to tens of thousands of severely disabled low-income youngsters -- who had been deemed ineligible under previous rules. In addition the article noted that this action resulted from the persistent work of several advocacy groups, which had gone on for seven years.

With regard to a similar concern with greater global implications, I would like to draw attention to the 1991 "State of the World's Children" report, released Dec. 19. The report points up the need to increase our financial support -- both domestically and abroad for the well-being of all the world's children -- 40,000 of whom die each day of preventable cause, primarily hunger and diseases as common as diarrhea and measles.

The report focuses on the promises made by 71 world leaders -- including President Bush -- at the World Summit for Children last September.

We are all fully aware of the billions of dollars spent on the savings and loan scandal and for the deployment of troops in the Persian Gulf. I would like to read more about the dollars spent on serving children.