As a member of the National Rifle Association, I object to the Herblock cartoon that showed the NRA arm-in-arm with drug pushers {Dec. 7}. If the NRA were in league with drug pushers, it wouldn't make sense for it to lobby for tougher penalties for drug-related crimes or for it to support mandatory penalties for those who injure or kill law-enforcement officers, both of which it does.

I also found the cartoon's implication that the NRA is somehow to blame for the District's record number of drug-related homicides insulting. The NRA is composed of law-abiding individuals. Although individual members of the NRA may disagree with the District's strict gun laws and may be working to change them through the legal process, that does not justify the insinuation that the NRA is involved in any activity that would subvert those laws.

It makes me extremely uneasy when members of the media, protected by the First Amendment, attack someone else's Second Amendment rights, simply because they believe the Second Amendment to be "out of date" or politically unpopular.

The District's drug and homicide problems are many and complex and difficult to solve. But scapegoating never solved anyone's problems, and I am disappointed to see your paper resort to it. -- James P. Omohundro