Christine Spolar's article "2 Miracles in 23 hours" {front page, Dec. 8} was a touching, positive story. In the story about a woman who survived two heart transplants in 23 hours, Christine Spolar point outs that "about 15 percent of all people who need heart transplants die before the right heart is found." She is right. I am nurse, and our facility is constantly sending out for donor organs. The demand is always greater than the supply.

Being in the medical profession, I encourage people to become organ donors. If more people were organ donors maybe all those needing heart transplants who die before the right heart is found would live.

My best friend, Natalie, was one of the lucky ones who received her heart transplant, but after 21 days she died from other complications. True, receiving a donor organ doesn't guarantee a long life. Even though Natalie only lived a short time after her transplant, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the donor, I got to share in Natalie's dream of living to see the day she received her heart.

I would like people to think about being organ donors and giving the gift of life to someone.