From an interview with Saddam Hussein broadcast Nov. 12 on British television:

Q. How can you justify the atrocities committed by Iraqi troops in your name?

A. Have you seen these atrocities yourself?

Q. I have not seen them, but let me quote you some reports, Mr. President. One report speaks of scores of people being tortured and hanged at Kuwait University for opposing the annexation of their country. Another report speaks of 15-year-old boys being shot. An American woman married to a Kuwaiti talks about a pregnant woman being disemboweled.

A. What is certain is that I have not heard of any such acts. It is possible that, in the same way that the Western media are trying to fill the minds of people everywhere, every day, with lies about the situation ... it is also possible that some false reports may come out of Kuwait, claiming the sorts of things you have described.

Q. Mr. President, these reports of atrocities, you see, are encouraged by the fact that you have sealed off Kuwait from the rest of the world. Why don't you let us go in and see for ourselves whether these reports are true?

A. You are partly right in what you have said. But you must undoubtedly remember that now the province of Kuwait is a military target for the American forces there and the forces allied to them. ... So {the province of Kuwait} and its approaches in the province of Basra are now being prepared as a fully fledged battlefield for the confrontation of a possible invasion.