I was amused by the article about the babies born on Christmas Day {Style, Dec. 27}. My birthday is also Dec. 25, and having recently endured my 29th one, I would like to warn these babies what is in store.

1. People will notice the birth date on your driver's license. Regardless of the circumstances (traffic violation, attempted entry to a bar), the other person will say, "Oh! You're a Christmas baby!" The proper response to this is to seem befuddled, then stare at the license and say, "By gum, you're right!" The other person will then say, "It must be awful having your birthday on Christmas Day! You always get combined presents!" and so on and so on.

Not so. Christmas Day is a wonderful day to have a birthday. You will never have to work on your birthday, and most people are in a good mood. (In contrast to this would be having a birthday on April 15, when everyone is cranky because it's the tax return filing deadline.) As you get older, you appreciate the fact that people are preoccupied with the holidays and forget to ask you how old you are. The only possible better days to have a birthday are Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July.

2. If you are of Christian heritage, during Christmas dinner your mom will for the rest of her life recount the story of your birth. Everyone at the table will hear how she barely made it to the hospital during the worst blizzard in 20 years and that they dressed you in a Christmas stocking. Grin and bear it, because one year your mom will forget. Wait a day, then remind her she forgot her own child's birthday. She will feel guilty and try to make it up to you for at least six months.

3. No matter how much of a rascal you are, some people will always think you're extra special because you were born on Christmas. ("John Doe, who was convicted today of first-degree murder, was born on Christmas Day in 1951. ... ") Take note of the ones who seem particularly in awe and use them to full advantage.

My point is that no one knows the exact day Jesus was born. Dec. 25 has merely been designated as the day to celebrate his birth. For those of us with Christmas birthdays, it's nice to be made to feel special, but let us not forget that everyone's birthday is special. Who knows when archaeologists might discover that the actual date of Christ's birth was April 15?

RUTH F. BEACH College Park