While I do not claim that Germany is God's chosen country -- I leave this to the Americans -- I object to recent articles Marc Fisher has written about life in Germany. They have been negative in tone and have contained half-truths and misleading statements.

Consider his Dec. 20 piece "For Germans, 'Tis the Season to Be Spending." He mentioned a "long Saturday," the year's only Saturday on which German shops are permitted to stay open all day. Apparently, he has not heard about the other "long Saturdays," four in December and one in each of the other months.

He also said "personal checks are not used for shopping," when, in fact, the European kind of check is used for shopping in every nation of the European Community every day.

Fisher's article was accompanied by a photo of a homeless man in Hamburg. He didn't mention, however, that the German welfare system is considerably better than the American system, i.e., there are enough shelters for the homeless as well as food, clothing and medical care for them. Nobody lives in the streets in Germany, except by choice.

In a Dec. 15 report, Fisher interviewed wives of American soldiers stationed in Germany {front page}. One complained that Germany didn't have malls, K-marts and so on. Fisher quoted her without qualification. If there were no malls in Germany, where did all those German shoppers spend their money?

If Fisher does not even know basics of life in Germany, how does he dare to write about more complex topics like politics? In my opinion, Fisher is misleading your readers. -- Peter Engels