I applaud the position taken by Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan Jr. opposing Matsushita's ownership of the Yosemite Park concession {news story, Jan. 1}. My recommendation would be to cancel all contracts with the Yosemite Park Curry Co. (read: Matsushita) and limit all future bidders to American companies.

And while we're at it, I suggest we also eliminate from the bidders list any organizations represented by Howard Baker, Robert Strauss, Jody Powell or their like. With their disgraceful involvement in the sellout of MCA, they have aligned themselves with foreign -- not American -- interests. LYNDA R. NEIL Annandale

Interior Secretary Lujan's attempt to force Matsushita to abandon the Yosemite concession is an outrage and a disgrace. How can we expect Japan to open its markets to U.S. companies if we attempt to take from a Japanese company, simply because it is Japanese, a contract worth $300 million? How can we call ours a government of laws when there is one law for American (and British and Canadian) companies and one law (or rather policy) for Japanese companies?

Matsushita should proceed as it planned with respect to the Yosemite contract. The Japanese government should suspend all bilateral trade discussions until Secretary Lujan retracts his comments or, better, resigns. WALTER B. STAHR Washington