As a Moslem feminist, I am appalled at the sheer ludicrousness of the Pakistani government's logic displayed in the Dec. 22 news story "Islam, Secular Life Pull at Pakistan." Stating that "sex mania from the West had corrupted Pakistan's women causing them to lose their minds and seduce men in an accelerating cycle of decadence" obliterates any claims Islam can make toward rational, enlightened discourse.

Further adding to the hypocrisy, the mullah quoted, Razaul Azmi, "dismissed the sex market across the street as 'wildness' occurring in all Moslem countries," thus perpetuating the dismal double standard that has held so many Moslem countries back centuries behind the rest of the world in progressive public policy.

Islam has never condoned pornography, and for the mullah to note that "since Islamic law allows a man to take four wives, he may require some 'help' to please them" is one of the most pathetic parodies of the Holy Koran that I have ever come across.

At first I laughed at the blatantly gender-biased blaming of women for society's problems. However, as a native of neighboring Afghanistan, it struck me how depressing the situation has become for women in Islamic countries. Originally one of the most liberating, empowering religions for women, Islam has been distorted to serve the purposes of men who feel threatened by a global society to which they can no longer relate. By controlling women and children they seek to validate their identity, using Islam as a veil. This is perhaps the greatest sin a Moslem can commit.

Poor Benazir Bhutto, she never stood a chance.