What'll Be on the Tube Tomorrow? No Doubt the Same Thing That Was on Yesterday -- Just Rehashed. Here's a Preview.

8:00 20/ MOVIE-Drama

"It's a Wonderful Life: 1991." When his condominium projects go sour and an overzealous bank examiner threatens to seize his Savings and Loan, George Bailey decides to kill himself, but his guardian angel talks him out of it by showing him what his town would have been like without him-a rural backwater filled with aging hippies living in plywood Fuller domes, making ugly little pots-and together they mount a successful leveraged buy-out of his bank holding company using a novel interpretation of the Employee Stock Ownership regulations. 9/ "YOU TURNING INTO A BIG FAT BUG, CHARLIE BROWN!"

Animated version of Kafka's "Metamorphosis," starring the Peanuts gang. 50/SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE-O

Billy Pilgrim and his sidekick, Kilgore Trout, investigate a stolen-car ring and discover that aliens from the planet Tralfamadore have been making off with every Studebaker left on earth. 4/THE DIVINE SITUATION COMEDY

Dante and Virgil are in a "hell" of a fix when Gluttony shows up for dinner and their new housekeeper turns out to be Sloth. 32/AMERICAN REPLAYHOUSE

"The Iceman Kicketh the Bucket." The lights go out for a moment in the back room of the End of the Line Cafe, and when they come back on again, Hickey has a knife in his back, and all of the bitter, self-deceiving outcasts who haunt the tavern are suspects. 26/GREAT ENCORE PERFORMANCES

"The Marriage Counseling Session of Figaro." As performed by the orchestra and chorus of the Teatro La Seguella in Milan. 7/NAME THAT ROSE-Game Show 5/LUST FOR LIFE-Serial

When the bandages are taken off after the plastic surgery, Vincent discovers that due to a doctor's incompetence, his missing ear has been replaced with a nose. A&E MOVIE-Drama

"The Dry White Wines of Wrath." The next generation of Joads struggle to produce a resonably priced, drinkable chardonnay in the hedonistic, fiercely competitive Napa Valley of the '80s. DIS MOVIE-Western

"High Noon II: Half Past One." The marshall has to put his badge back on again when word comes over the railroad telegraph that a special train chartered by the James gang is making a stop in his town. UNO MOVIE-Drama

"Le Retour de Jules et Jim." After miraculously surviving the car plunge into the canal, Jim and Catherine are reunited with Jules, and the free friends open a little restaurant with simple country food that quickly becomes a hugesuccess. TLC MOVIE-Comedy

"Honey, I'm Being Sued by the Kids!" Angered by their father's refusal to give them a share of the merchandising and theme-park revenues licensing arising from the story of their accidental miniaturization in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!," the wacky scientist's children hire a lawyer. ESN SPORTS TIPS

Timothy Gallwey explains the theory behind his best-selling book.

"Inner Truck and Tractor Pulling." CBN MOVIE-Drama

"The Ten Commandments II: The Talmud." After settling in the Holy Land, the Jews become rebellious when they learn that in addition to obeying the precepts on the tablets brought down from Mt. Sinai by Moses, they will now have to follow the 4,000 rules of the Mishnah. TBS MOVIE-Drama

"The Year of Living Somewhat More Prudently." Scarred by his experiences in Indonesia, journalist Guy Hamilton moves to Britain, marries Jill Bryant, and takes a job covering dog shows for "Country Life." BRV MOVIE-Comedy-Drama

"The Seventh Seal-American Style." Filmed at San Diego's Sea World Amusement park, where Flipper challenges Death to a game of "Tap the Beachball Through a Hoop with Your Nose" in order to buy time for a family of harp seals to escape a spreading oil slick. NIK LITERARY CRITTERS-Cartoon

"Rabbit ReDucks." Bug Bunny plays wacky suburbanite Harry Angstrom and Daffy his friend Dech, a Duck, in a series of adventures based on John Updike's novels. SPN MOVIE-Drama

'Chariots of Fur." The Lord of Greystoke returns to the jungle as Tarzan to recruit apes to compete in the 1924 Olympics. PLA KINKY DAYS-Comedy

When Lolita announces that she's trying out for the high school cheerleaders squad, perpetually jealous Humbert. Humbert arranges a series of locker-room mishaps to convince the superstitious football coach that she'll bring bad luck to the team. WOR MOVIE-Drama

"Mr. Smith Goes to Hollywood." Homespun, idealistic former Senator Jefferson Smith is hired to take over failing Continental Studios and make decent, family movies, but he soon discovers he is just a front man for a group of greedy stock manipulators planning to sell out to the Japanese. 8:30

A&E YOKNAPATAWPHA COUNTY-Comedy Through a computer error, Mrs. Compson's idiot son Benjamin is accepted at Harvard instead of brilliant but moody Quentin. 50/MOVIE-Drama

"Ice Station Zorba." When the KGB kidnaps Zorba and take him by submarine to a secret base in the Artic in a plot to transform his beloved bouzouki into an instrument of psychological torture, it shills the old Greek peasant's bones but doesn't dampen his irrepressible spirits. 20/MOVIE-Drama

"Is Paris Burning? Part II: Is Brussels Burning? No? Then What's That Awful Smell?" 9/MOVIE-Thriller

"Harvey II: No More Mr. Nice Rabbit." The townspeople begin to take dizzy tippler Elwood P. Dowd more seriously when several of his relatives who wanted him committed to a mental institution are found stomped to death by an unknown, invisible creature weith feet the size of cinder blocks. 26/MASTERSEQUEL THEATER

"You Know Where You Can Put It." In a hip, wisecracking update of the Kaufman & Hart classic "You Can't Take It With You," David Mamet chronicles the attempts of each member of the zany Vanderhof clan to sell the "exclusive rights" to the family's heartwarming story to a different movie producer. 9:00 26/REVIVED FROM LINCOLN CENTER

Contemporary completions of unfinished musical works, including Schubert's 8th Symphony and Mahler's 10th. The New York Rephilharmonic. BRV MOVIE-Drama

"Bring Me the Head of Umberto Eco." Enraged readers exact a gruesome revenge on a best-selling author. SHO MOVIE-Comedy

"Hiroshima, Mon Oncle." Charming Frenchmade farce. 32/THE EDUCATED PALATE-Cooking

The unbearable lightness of beans. TMC MOVIE-Drama

"The Karate Adult." Continuing story of the no-longer youthful martial artist. 9/MOVIE-Crime Drama

"Touch M for Murder." High-tech update of the Hitchcock film-noir classic. A husband uses his Touchstone car phone to hire a man to kill his wife so he can inherit her millions, but the plan backfires when she stabs the assailant to death with the aerial of her Porta-phone, and a police officer discovers that the husband's murder-contract negotiations were accidentally recorded on the hired killer's answering machine. A&E FALKLANDS WAR-Documentary

Their Finest Minute. DIS VOYAGE OF THE "GOUDA"-Documentary

Thor Heyerdahl sets sail in a boat made out of cheese to prove that Manhattan Island was first settled by the Dutch. 4/THE AMERICA'S CUP-Preliminary Trials Early courtroom maneuvers in the contest for yacht racing's most coveted-and litigated-trophy.

Excerpted from "The Book of Sequels" by Henry Beard, Christopher Cerf, Sarah Durkee and Sean Kelly, published by Random House.

1990 by Christopher Cerf Associates, Inc.