From CBS News' Jan. 13 "Face the Nation" with Lesley Stahl and White House Chief of Staff John Sununu:

Q: {T}he vote in Congress -- pretty overwhelming in the House, but very tight in the Senate, country divided -- is this really the strong message you were hoping for?

A: I don't think it's a country divided. The president got bipartisan support in the House and the Senate. I think if you examine public opinion, the public is very clearly supporting the president. I think it's unfortunate that there was a piece of partisan opposition to the president's policy evident in the debates, but I think for the most part it was a bipartisan endorsement of the president's policy and that this country has got to stand up to that aggression.

Q: {T}he big fight was among the Democrats; it wasn't Democrats against Republicans. Do you agree with Sen. Dole that the people who voted against the president did it for political reasons?

A: I think Sen. Dole and {House Minority Leader} Bob Michel on the Republican side did a good job of coalescing bipartisan support for the president. I think some of the Democrats deserve a lot of credit -- Congressman Solarz, Congressman Aspin, Sen. Lieberman ... came forward and very early and very clearly ... supported the president. It was bipartisan support.

Q: Yes, but you're suggesting that if they didn't vote for the president that it wasn't sincere.

A: Oh, I think if you look ... the point I was trying to make is if you look at all the votes against the president, I think there was one Republican in the Senate and three Republicans in the House, and all the other votes were Democrat.

Q: Are you suggesting it was political and not heartfelt?

A: No, I'm saying that the president received bipartisan support for his policy, and that's an important message to Hussein.