I would like to reply briefly to the letter {Jan. 8} from Raymond L. Davis regarding my op-ed piece {Dec. 25} on the absurdity of the Commerce Department's methodology of calculating antidumping duties of manhole covers from China. The main point of Mr. Davis' letter is that his company is being injured by my importation of Chinese manhole covers. Mr. Davis is mistaken.

For those unfamiliar with Washington State's geography, Mead, Wash., where Mr. Davis' company is located, is near Spokane. Mead is approximately 300 miles from Seattle, well beyond the typical marketing area that the U.S. International Trade Commission has found to be applicable to manhole covers. Thus, the imports of my company and Mr. Davis' company's products do not compete.

Strangely, although Mr. Davis states that his company is a member of the Municipal Castings Fair Trade Council, his company's name has not been listed as a member of that coalition. Apparently the coalition has recently acquired this one member from Washington State just in time to submit a rebuttal to my article. Yet try as it might, the coalition has not found even one company whose business has been injured by my company's imports from China.

THOMAS N. THOMPSON President, Overseas Trade Corp. Seattle