I read in your Sports pages that Andre Agassi was fined $25,000 for pulling out of the ITF Grand Slam Cup and that the ITF board decided to stop short of suspending him from a 1991 Grand Slam tournament {Jan. 9}.

Now that your coverage of the affair is over I have one thing to say -- get off Agassi's back. I'm sorry if Agassi rubs your Sports department the wrong way. Tony Kornheiser even repeated accusations that Agassi was a liar {"Agassi: Pain in the Game," Sports, Dec. 13}.

But if your writers are so disgusted with Agassi's "Image Is Everything" motto, why don't they go past his image and concentrate on his substance: Agassi is the highest-ranked American player in tennis. He beat Boris Becker three times this year, Stefan Edberg twice, made the finals of two Grand Slam tournaments and won four other tournaments, including the ATP Championships.

What about Agassi's not playing Wimbledon, your sportswriters say. Why don't they ask the same of Aaron Krickstein, Thomas Muster, Emilio Sanchez and the other top 20 players who skipped Wimbledon in 1990?

Your writers also should look into their files for the name of the last male player they criticized for blowing big tournaments -- his name was Ivan Lendl; he didn't win his first Grand Slam title until he was 21 and then went on to be No. 1 for more than four years.

If your paper is so concerned about behavior on the men's tennis tour, then where are the articles berating Americans Brad Gilbert and David Wheaton for getting into a shoving match when they played at the Grand Slam Cup?

I'd like to see your Sports department apologize for calling Agassi a liar. After all, wouldn't a retraction be good for your image?

-- Jacqueline Dupree