I was impressed by how concerned Gov. L. Douglas Wilder is with the national deficit, having referred to it several times in his state of the commonwealth speech {Metro, Jan. 10}. You'd think he was running for national office.

Gov. Wilder has already fired many state employees, and more are to be sacrificed later. What was not mentioned in his speech but told to the press afterward is that state employees may be asked to take leave without pay. No mention has been made of what sacrifices the governor, General Assembly and judges are going to make. Are they going to take the same leave without pay that will be asked of classified employees? Is the governor going to sacrifice some of his campaign trips to other states, which are paid for by Virginia taxpayers?

Gov. Wilder says he is saving the state budget surplus for a rainy day. But we're in the middle of a downpour. Rather than raise general taxes even 1 percent so that all citizens would help Virginia through these hard times, Gov. Wilder is again laying the burden of budget crunch on the backs of state employees. Inflation has skyrocketed over the years, yet Virginia boasts of not having to raise taxes. I find that fiscally irresponsible. We can no longer afford to expect something for nothing.

But take heart Virginians, I'm sure that toward the end of Gov. Wilder's term, money will suddenly appear to help fix some of this. I've seen that magic happen before.