As an American citizen, wife of a U.S. Army doctor and sister of a U.S. Army reservist, I want to respond to Dr. Yolanda Huet-Vaughn's refusal to prepare for deployment to Saudi Arabia {news story, Jan. 10}.

I would like to know what war Dr. Huet-Vaughn would consider moral, humane and constitutional enough for her to participate in. What right does she have to refuse to obey an order that hundreds of thousands of military personnel have followed?

Choosing a war is not like choosing a restaurant for the evening. The hard reality is that we have no choice but to defend those we pledged to defend. Dr. Huet-Vaughn made a choice of her own free will to join the U.S. Army Reserve, and in doing so she swore to defend the United States and its allies. It saddens me to see her and others renege on this sober oath when the time comes for them to live up to their word.

It is my opinion that the U.S. Army should not only incarcerate her but also should seek to recoup the money it has given her over the years while she promised to serve its cause.

In addition, I hope that somewhere in her conscience she can pray for those who have the courage to honor their commitments to the U.S. military and the American people.

L.E.W. MITCHELL Bethesda