Prof. David Cole of Georgetown University Law Center was quoted as saying, "If we were on the verge of going to war with Nigeria, and the FBI started interviewing black Americans, I don't think anybody would stand for it" {news story, Jan. 11}.

As an African American, I resent non-blacks and fringe groups employing historical injustices against black Americans to bolster their views on controversial issues.

Few African Americans can claim or have direct historical ties to nations in Africa; to suggest that similarities exist between the Arab-American community's extensive ties to the Middle East and the limited relations that exist between African Americans and Africa is incomprehensible. The substance of Cole's remarks raises concerns of possible government intrusion on the rights of fellow citizens, but his poorly chosen hypothesis seemed both cynical and misinformed.

African Americans have demonstrated their commitment to this country in spite of past and present injustices; our patriotism is above reproach. With all the problems facing our community, the last thing we need is to have our unique and difficult experiences in America misrepresented by individuals who are seeking to enhance their views at the expense of our historical realities and contributions. -- Irvin Hicks Jr.