The Post article on State Sen. Charles L. Waddell's (D-Loudoun) resolution on a western regional bypass {Metro, Jan. 23} omits the most salient point on this issue: that the bypass enjoys strong support among the people of Northern Virginia.

While trying to portray this issue as a battle between developers and environmentalists, The Post ignored the fact that surveys conducted for the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Potomac Chapter of the American Automobile Association, the Greater Washington Board of Trade and others consistently show that area residents, including those in outer jurisdictions, recognize the need for and endorse the construction of a regional bypass.

For example, the Virginia Commonwealth University survey conducted for the Virginia Department of Transportation showed that 95 percent of the public agreed that a bypass would be needed in the next 10 years, and 70 to 80 percent supported construction of a bypass even if it passed through their county.

Written and oral testimony collected by the Department of Transportation at public hearings last spring also showed supporters outnumbering opponents by a 2-to-1 margin.

The western and eastern bypasses are just one of many transportation issues on which the voters are miles ahead of their elected representatives in recognizing what needs to be done to improve transportation in our region. LINDA J. WRIGHT President Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance McLean