I've got a great idea for a belated New Year's resolution for residents of the Reston area: "I will not drive to work alone this year." In 1991 those usual excuses for not using mass transit just won't wash:

"There aren't any bus routes that are near me."

Today 13 Metrobus routes crisscross Reston, most beginning and ending at the West Falls Church Metrorail Station. During rush hour, express bus service operates between numerous points in Reston and the Pentagon and Crystal City. And we're working on establishing express service between Reston and Tysons Corner.

"I don't know much about my alternatives."

Transportation information is available in the offices of many Reston businesses, associations and real estate companies and at Reston's libraries, hotels, retail centers and apartment complexes. These centers contain easy-to-understand information about bus schedules and routes and car pools. You can also call 703/381-9663 weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m

"Sometimes I need to get home early."

A new "Reston express" operates every 35 minutes, from 9:10 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. weekdays between Reston and the West Falls Church Metrorail Station. And for the first time ever, commuters have bus service to and from Metrorail all day. The service augments Metrobus express service available during rush hour. And the bus fare is only 50 cents.

"I hate standing outside in the weather while waiting for the bus."

Two new bus shelters have been constructed to make commuting less weather-sensitive. Mason Hirst, a commercial developer, funded and built a new shelter at the intersection of Business Center Drive and Sunset Hills Road.

The Reston Sheraton Hotel also funded a shelter on Sunrise Valley Drive at the Reston International Center. Look for more shelters to pop up around Reston this year.

Excuses for not using mass transit are weak and fast disappearing. Using mass transit should be the one resolution you keep this year. -- Karl Ingebritsen is director of LINK, Reston's Commuter Service Program.