It is most reassuring to read from my fellow teacher, Colman McCarthy, that there are students in his schoolyard who strive for the high ideal of peace and who use reason and dialogue to settle conflicts {"Seeking Peaceful Solutions in the Schoolyard," Style, Jan. 27}.

But unfortunately there is another kind of student lurking in every schoolyard -- the bully. He does not listen to dialogue, nor is he persuaded by reason, because his conscience is not governed by any moral code of decency, and he has no reasoning ability. Pretending to ignore the bully or trying to avoid him does not work. He views such actions as weak and cowardly, and he will continue to make life miserable for his victims.

Saddam Hussein is the current world bully, and like any schoolyard bully he will continue to harass and maim his victims until the world powers stand up to him. The only way to stop a schoolyard bully is to give him a big dose of his own medicine -- a beating he will never forget. For Saddam Hussein, the beating has already started from allied bomber pilots, the ones Mr. McCarthy refers to as "now so cocky as they flash thumbs-up signs for the cameras at takeoff." They have every right to be cocky because, they are the ones who are courageous enough to start putting the Persian Gulf bully in his place. JANICE KIEHL Marshall, Va.