From a briefing yesterday in Riyadh by Col. Abdullah El Kandari of the Kuwaiti Air Force:

We have some new information from inside Kuwait. We have learned that since the beginning of the allied air campaign, there have been more than 200 people executed in Kuwait. During the past week alone, within a four-day period, there were 65 Kuwaiti men and women who have been executed by the Iraqis for subversion.

Twelve of those had their throats cut and their heads removed from their bodies. Their corpses were then placed in front of their homes and were left for 36 hours for others to see.

Nevertheless, the morale of the Kuwaitis inside Kuwait remains high. While there are limited resources, they are united in their efforts and are working together.

Kuwaitis both inside and out of occupied Kuwait are doing everything we can to help with the liberation of our country. Since the beginning of the air campaign, the focus of the media has been taken away from the pain and suffering that has been endured by the Kuwaitis as a result of Saddam Hussein's invasion of our country.

The world should remember it is the aggressor action of Saddam Hussein that has caused this pain. Saddam Hussein is responsible for this war. Saddam Hussein is allowing controlled reports to come out of Baghdad, but no photos or reports whatsoever have come out of Kuwait since Aug. 2, the invasion.

While we'd like to challenge Saddam Hussein to show the world what is happening inside Kuwait, we do not fool ourselves. We know Saddam Hussein is not a person who embraces the truth.