A Washington Post news story incorrectly stated that Middle East Watch, a division of Human Rights Watch, "had initially embraced the stories" of Iraqi troops killing babies in incubators in Kuwait {"Brown Protege in Confirmation Fight: Fitz-Pegado Queried Over Gulf War Lobbying, Atrocity Claims," Feb. 11}.

In fact, Middle East Watch, both in testimony before Congress during the crisis and in its published reports, never accepted this story. At the outset, we investigated and then dismissed the obviously false tales of hundreds of babies thrown out of incubators by Iraqi troops. In December 1990 and the following January, we reported publicly that we did not find convincing evidence to substantiate the claims of incubator killings.

While we reported on a wide range of human rights violations committed by Iraqi troops in Kuwait, we could find no credible evidence to support this allegation, notwithstanding the tremendous efforts on behalf of the Kuwait government undertaken by Hill and Knowlton, the public relations firm where Laurie J. Fitz-Pegado, senior vice president, supervised the Kuwait account. In February 1992, we published a detailed account of our investigation of this alleged episode of the incubators. AZIZ ABU-HAMAD Associate Director Middle East Watch New York