From a eulogy for murder victim Alicia Showalter Reynolds by her aunt Shirley H. Showalter on May 12 at Park View Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, Va.:

We have all struggled with anger in a situation in which we were powerless, a tragedy beyond our control. Now we must examine our own lives, a place where we have at least limited control. And even though we do not deny the pain and anger we feel, and even though Alicia cannot be replaced in our hearts and minds, we can choose to construct some meaning out of a death that is otherwise totally meaningless. No good is ever wasted.

We already know that there will be scholarships and awards given in Alicia's name. We know that this community and others are banding together to raise awareness about the horror of violence against women. We know that Alicia's work in the laboratory will be continued at Hopkins. Goshen College will support other women in science as a lasting tribute to Alicia.

There is one thing which we must speak against, however. We have read in the news that, because of this case, many people are buying guns. Alicia would not want that; her family does not want that. We believe in another way. We believe that the way to fight violence is to drop weapons and hold hands. . . .

We should not passively accept evil. We must name it and fight it, not with weapons and not by barricading ourselves behind locked doors and barbed wire. We fight evil by loving each other and educating each other and even more by building relationships across boundaries that separate us in our communities. If we are going to honor Alicia in a country too full of violence, we have much work yet to do.