How confused could one get? Brad Peaseley's May 21 letter, "Worse Than the Serbs," proves that the possibilities are limitless.

Stating that Serbian ethnic cleansing is "nothing" compared with the acts committed by Poles on the German minority after World War II proves again that history is often what people want it to be -- although in this case, the problem is a lack of rudimentary facts.

The fact is that decisions to move Poland's borders were reached by the Allies -- the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union -- without Poland's participation or consent, as was the decision to relocate the German population to German territory. The future of Central Eastern Europe was sealed in Yalta and Potsdam. Our interests were played like a pawn in the big political game, and no one asked what Poles thought about it.

This was another bitter price paid after six years of being victimized by a policy of annihilation and destruction conducted by Nazi Germany, which made a devil's playground out of Poland's territory and her people.

As to the facts -- perhaps some reading of history would help. As the Romans used to say, "historia magistra vitea est."


Minister Counselor

Embassy of the Republic of Poland