Those of us who saw the new "Star Wars" movie on its opening day are, according to The Post [editorial, May 20], either extraordinarily diligent and dedicated devotees of a certain kind of cinema or "just a bit nuts."

While that may be true, The Post's presumption that it was nearly impossible to get a ticket without camping on the pavement is not.

Opening week a long line of fans was indeed waiting for days in front of the Cineplex Odeon Uptown on Connecticut Avenue for the big moment, Wednesday at 3 p.m., that tickets would go on sale all over the nation. Reporters were interviewing them and TV crews were filming them, thereby spreading the message that it would be tough to get in any time soon.

However, at a small distance from the media spotlights, things were different. On the same day it was possible, without any waiting, to walk up to the ticket booth of United Artists Bethesda at 2:08 p.m. and buy a ticket for opening day five days hence, as I did. And not only that: When the film started rolling, the theater was only half full.

All this raises the question: Has the media hype that accompanied the release of this movie driven not only some fans, but also The Post . . . just a bit nuts?