The May 14 editorial "After Abe Pollin" accurately described Mr. Pollin's loyalty and commitments to the Washington area but failed to mention that he has failed time and time again to give Washington sports fans something to cheer about.

Washington sports fans should remember that it was Mr. Pollin who brought pro basketball and hockey to this area. However, they don't have to be reminded that the Capitals and the Wizards are regarded as second-rate organizations. Despite Mr. Pollin's sincere efforts to bring a winner to Washington, the Capitals never have won the Stanley Cup and the Bullets/Wizards haven't won a playoff game in the '90s.

The sugar-coated editorial suggested Washington sports fans should be "optimistic" about new Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis because "Abe Pollin thinks he's the right guy."

Mr. Leonsis may be the right guy, but based upon Mr. Pollin's personnel judgments and his overall lack of success as an owner, Washington sports fans should be extremely skeptical of Mr. Pollin's choice for his successor.



I found it ironic that one of Abe Pollin's main goals in selling his Washington Capitals was to find a local buyer. According to The Post's story, Mr. Pollin didn't want an out-of-towner running his local teams [front page, May 16].

I wish the former owners of my hometown Baltimore Bullets had the same stated goal. Mr. Pollin doesn't want Washington to experience what he did to Baltimore -- have an out-of-towner steal away his teams. He finally figured it out -- even if it is a quarter-century too late.