In a May 24 editorial, your paper was most generous to Citizens for the Constitution, which it described as a "bipartisan group" that issued "thoughtful guidelines" to curb the "troubling trend of tampering with the Constitution."

As the elected leader of the nonpartisan, 2.8 million-member American Legion, I believe the aim of this group is most "troubling." Citizens for the Constitution is a band of elitists hell-bent on superimposing its own Article V on the one developed by the Framers. The group is eager to amend Article V, because the movement to restore the people's right to protect the U.S. flag from acts of physical desecration is close to victory in Congress.

From its ivory tower, Citizens for the Constitution sees "We the People" exercising our Article V rights and concludes we are up to no good, "tampering with the Constitution." But Citizens for the Constitution fails to recognize its own hypocrisy as it seeks to tinker with the precision of Jefferson, Madison and others.

In a narrow, 5 to 4 ruling in 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated century-old federal law and the laws of 48 states that banned flag desecration. Since then, 49 states have passed resolutions petitioning Congress to send them a flag-protection amendment for ratification.

Article V is the people's last line of defense against a tyranny of self-appointed re-framers, such as Citizens for the Constitution.

-- Butch Miller

The writer is national commander

of the American Legion.