From a news briefing yesterday by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart:

Q: Joe, the president said today that he didn't expect the Russian peacekeeping troops to report to a NATO commander, he thought that it would work like in Bosnia. Does he mean that they report to an American general who was not a NATO commander?

Mr. Lockhart: I think what the president indicated is two things. One is that this will be a force that is a single force with a unified command with NATO at its core. Secondly, we're looking forward to talking to the Russians about their participation. Bosnia can be an example here of how we're able to do that and still have an effective force. . . .

Q: Joe, what kind of a role will U.N. and non-NATO countries play in peacekeeping or rebuilding Kosovo?

A: . . . I think that again Bosnia is an example where you can have an effective command structure and an effective force that also brings in non-NATO countries. I think there have been a dozen or so countries from around the world that have already indicated their willingness and interest in participating in this force. . . .

Q: But haven't the Russians made clear they're not interested in a Kosovo peacekeeping model that resembles Bosnia? Haven't the Russians made clear they're not interested in repeating the Bosnia model?

A: Listen, I've seen various things reported. I'm not going to get out ahead of Deputy Secretary [Strobe] Talbott's mission.