From remarks by Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) at a press conference yesterday in Washington:

Last month, the day before the Senate voted to close the gun show loophole, a prominent Republican senator made a prediction. He said it really didn't matter how the Senate voted, because the House would water down any gun restrictions that we passed. It's in the Congressional Record.

The gun lobby and its supporters in the House have now made good on that prediction. But even though we were warned, we are still stunned. The Republican gun bill before the House is a sham. It's a fraud. Not only does it water down what we did in the Senate, it waters down gun laws that have been on the books for 30 years, since the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Sen. Robert Kennedy. The Republican House bill would make it easier for children and criminals to get guns, not harder.

The gun lobby has already spent more than a million bucks to make sure the bill the Senate passed last month never becomes law. Its fingerprints are all over the House bill. And to make matters worse, our Republican colleagues on one of the Senate Appropriations subcommittees voted to eliminate the president's request to help communities hire new police officers. They've got their priorities backwards. We ought to be getting guns off the streets and putting more police on the streets.