From a news briefing by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart in Geneva yesterday:

A: Bob Woodward writes in his new book that the first lady once said to Mike McCurry a series of rhetorical questions: "Have I been embarrassed? Have I been humiliated?" etc. Have you talked to McCurry about that, or anyone at the White House?

Mr. Lockhart: I have not talked to Mr. McCurry about that. I don't think I've talked to anyone at the White House about that particular episode.

Q: You can't tell us whether it's, from your standpoint, correct that that happened?

A: I don't know. I think there were only two people involved in that conversation.

Q: Have you [tried] to find out whether Mr. [Robert] Bennett breached the lawyer-client confidential --

A: I haven't spent any more time on that subject since the last time we spoke about it. . . .

Q: Joe, the White House fought so hard during the last year to preserve its legal privileges. It seems strange that the president would now just roll over and say, well, it doesn't matter if all this privileged information --

A: . . . I'd suggest . . . you start by talking to Mr. Woodward and Mr. Bennett and establish the facts.

Q: Well, Mr. Woodward clearly is not going to reveal his sources.

A: Why don't you start with Mr. Bennett who, if you've all read your Washington Post this morning, . . . says he did not violate attorney-client privilege.