As an avid reader of your paper and a conservative, I make a point of defending your paper when other conservatives complain about its having a liberal bent.

Unfortunately, I was stunned that the Outlook section printed three pieces by New York Democrats extolling the virtues of a Hillary Clinton Senate candidacy and, indeed, her election ["License to Run," June 6]. Not everyone in the New York Democratic Party is so happy about Clinton's candidacy, however, let alone all the people of the state.

Many Democratic contributors and staffers and volunteers would prefer that someone else be the next senator from the Empire State. And the most recent polls that I have seen have Clinton trailing New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Gov. George Pataki both within New York City and across the state as a whole.

To see how poorly you did at showing a cross-section of New Yorkers' political views on the matter, look at the reaction to Clinton's meeting with the Yankees at the White House [Style, June 11]. Even many Democrats were cynical about that.

We all know that New York politics are interesting and entertaining. We also know that New Yorkers like to speak their minds. Your paper would have had no trouble finding Democrats who don't like Hillary or Republicans who don't like Hillary and at least a few Republicans who like having Hillary in the race. Or maybe you could have told the truth with the headline and said that you asked some New York Democrats "whaddya think?"

-- Greg Hunter