The June 13 front-page story "A President's Isolation" by Bob Woodward was nothing but a big pity party for Bill Clinton.

He did it, he lied about it and he paid for it. I'm a Carter Democrat, but this was too much to stomach. I know you don't have much time to clear the liberals' name -- the election is only a year and a half away. What better way than to make Clinton out to be the victim?

-- Todd Black

What a hoot the excerpts from Bob Woodward's book are. Can you imagine such pathetic soap-opera stars at the helm?

Rampaging, conduct-disordered, adolescent Bubba and pathetic doormat Hillary. And a taxpayer-funded White House lawyer (Jane Sherburne) fielding lovelorn calls from the first victim? Sheesh!

-- Peter Chiesa

From the June 14 installment of the excerpts from Bob Woodward's book: "Hillary's voice caught and she gasped in short breaths."

Is this co-written by a Harlequin Romance ghost writer? Or did Harry Thomases provide a Hollywood script writer? In any case, I have zero confidence in the accuracy of any of this.

Whenever I think of Hillary I am reminded of a line from a Bertrand Russell novel (only slightly tongue-in-cheek), "Beware of self-sacrificing people, they are the first to sacrifice others."

-- Tom Hofler