It is the most craven hypocrisy for any senator to ask Ambassador James Hormel to condemn a San Francisco dance troupe when none will utter one word of condemnation against the antisemitic and anti-black Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) or their colleague and leader Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), who has endorsed and spoken to this sinister organization.


Board Chairman

National Association

For the Advancement of Colored People


David Hickey [letters, June 17] says that the opposition to making James Hormel ambassador to Luxembourg was because he was an anti-Catholic bigot. But Luxembourg, a country that is 97 percent Catholic, readily consented to Mr. Hormel's being named U.S. ambassador. Obviously, Luxembourg does not consider him to be anti-Catholic.

Mr. Hickey alleges that Ambassador Hormel is a "relentless propagator of the homosexual lifestyle" because he donated money to the San Francisco Public Library and supported the documentary "It's Elementary," as if affording public library patrons an opportunity to read books about the gay community and allowing PBS viewers an opportunity to see a film advocating tolerance and nonviolence toward gay students is a means of "recruiting" people to be gay (an idea that is inherently ludicrous).

Thus it is quite apparent that opposition to Ambassador Hormel is indeed based on anti-gay bigotry.