From a Defense Department news briefing yesterday by Army Lt. Gen. John "Mike" McDuffie:

Q: With regard to the Kosovar Albanians that have been coming into the United States . . . how many want to go home, and are we giving them a free ticket home? . . .

Gen. McDuffie: In fact, we still have refugees coming in. Not into Fort Dix; the refugees that are flying in, in fact, are being placed directly with families as they arrive into JFK [Airport]. But . . . I don't know of any refugees that have returned that came in as part of the U.S. commitment.

Now, the U.S. commitment was 20,000, as you know. We talked about that, of many, many nations making commitments. So I don't know of any backpedaling on that commitment. However, does that mean we have to take 20,000? I don't know what that means, other than the fact that . . . we made the commitment, [and are] fulfilling the commitment. The vetting has been going on in Macedonia, and I don't know of any government policy change to move away from that. But the answer is, we haven't had any refugees go back.

Q: So these people, basically have a free ticket to residency in the U.S.

A: Well, I don't know -- I wouldn't be quite that free, or with that much license. In fact, I'd defer your question, really, to State on that. But it's a refugee issue. But there is a significant amount of vetting that goes on in Macedonia, where the fights originate, and it's primarily family-to-family stuff.