In response to Alicia Cypress's front-page story "Ducklings' Ugly Fate" [June 24], I found myself disgusted by the position of the Park Service. The article states that the Park Service will not intervene in the plight of these ducklings -- which are being eaten by fish and predatory birds, such as herons -- because it believes in preserving the "natural order" of things.

Excuse me, but since when did putting fish in a man-made lake become part of the natural order?

Perhaps the Park Service should revisit its decision and consider transplanting the ducks in the reflecting pool. Certainly this would be no more unnatural than its creation of this little habitat.



I read with sadness the article about the ducklings. As someone who works on Capitol Hill, I am confronted on a daily basis with all of the unfavorable qualities that politics brings out in all of us.

Recently, however, as I hurried down Constitution Avenue toward the Department of Labor for lunch, I saw a well-dressed, older man scurrying behind a mother duck and her ducklings. At first glance, I thought he was harassing them, then I realized he was trying to keep crows and other predators from devouring the poor young. He was attempting to aid these creatures in their journey to the water. It was one of the most tender and kind things that I've seen in this city of anything but.