The Post's "Irish Holdup" editorial [June 21] promoted the British veneer of truth. It has become standard operating procedure to lay the blame for the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) stalemate at the feet of Sinn Fein. The agreement has no preconditions. The obstructionist posturing of First Minister David Trimble and other anti-agreement supporters denies 71 percent of the population of Northern Ireland that voted for this visionary step forward.

The GFA contains agreements on many issues, including decommissioning [disarming], equal rights, living free from sectarian intimidation, an overhaul of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and demilitarization of the British Army presence in Northern Ireland. As none of these original agreements has been implemented, why, then, has decommissioning become a precondition? What if every party that signed the GFA in good faith demanded a precondition?

Nationalists continue to experience violent sectarian harassment from loyalist paramilitary groups, while the IRA has been in cease-fire for almost two years. Revelations continue to surface regarding collusion between British intelligence, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and loyalist paramilitary groups. The constabulary has been implicated in the assassination of civil rights attorney Rosemary Nelson. Yet it still is conducting the investigation despite the call from Amnesty International and the U.N. Human Rights Commission for an international independent inquiry.

The Irish and British governments must take their responsibility by implementing the Good Friday Agreement.


Santa Fe, N.M.